How Much Can Be Saved by Converting My Fleet to Propane?

How Much Can Be Saved By Converting My Fleet To Propane?

Propane autogas has grown to be the third most widely used motor fuel, behind only gasoline and diesel. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the U.S. that have been manufactured or converted to use autogas.

Autogas: the safe alternative fuel for New York businesses

Autogas: Safe, Alternative Fuel For New York Business

New York businesses, municipalities and school districts that are just becoming aware of propane autogas understandably want to dig deeper and understand how it compares with other motor fuels, not only in terms of cost efficiency but also safety.

What are my refueling options for propane autogas

What Are My Refueling Options For Propane Autogas?

When you use propane autogas, you can choose between five types of refueling options. Here’s a closer look.

Propane autogas: A proven way to decrease emissions of toxic nitrogen oxides

Propane Autogas: A Proven Way to Decrease Emissions of Toxic Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)

According to a recent study by West Virginia University’s Center for Alternative Fuels, Engines and Emissions, propane autogas is a proven way to dramatically decrease emissions of toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Autogas station

Is the Time Right for Autogas for Your New York Fleet?

Transforming your fleet into a more eco-friendly, economical and reliable one is all within your grasp—thanks to autogas.

“Autogas” is the term describing propane that’s used as vehicle fuel. Using propane as an alternative motor fuel may sound like a brand-new concept to some, but autogas has been used for nearly a century, beginning with cars in the 1920s.