You May Qualify for a $3,500 Rebate When You Make the Move to Autogas in NY

Great news! New York State residents can still qualify this year for $3,500 in rebates. Available for those who purchase a new propane vehicle or convert an existing vehicle with a propane system, these funds can be used for truck fleets, municipal fleets, school bus fleets and other vehicles that are registered in the state.

Teacher and children at bus stop

More Propane Autogas School Buses are on the Road

If you need visual proof that propane autogas is a wise choice for vehicles that transport precious cargo, look no further than the iconic yellow school buses of our nation’s public schools.


Get in the Driver’s Seat with Autogas

Using propane as an alternative motor fuel may sound brand new to some, but it’s actually been used for nearly a century—beginning with cars in the 1920s.

School bus

Autogas: The Future for School Buses

As another school year winds down, districts nationwide are looking for ways they can provide the best education and services to their students at the best possible price.


Propane Makes Your Landscaping Business More Profitable

Everyone knows the old saying, “Time is money” Well, that definitely applies to the benefits of using propane autogas to fuel your landscaping and turf management business.