Propane Helps Fuel our National Parks

Yosemite national park

Summer is an ideal time for a road trip – and if your explorations take you to one of our country’s beautiful National Parks, be on the lookout for a familiar diamond-shaped propane logo on the back of the park’s tour and maintenance vehicles.

That logo indicates that the vehicle is powered by propane autogas – an alternative fuel that forward-thinking fleet managers in and out of the National Park Service (NPS) are turning to now more than ever before.

As part of the Clean Cities National Parks Initiative, many NPS transportation teams are converting their work trucks to propane or dual-fuel power to reduce emissions, save money, and create a more “climate friendly and climate ready” environment for the Parks’ nearly 300 million annual visitors.

Fleet managers from Acadia to Zion are reporting savings ranging from 30 to 70 cents per gallon since making the switch.

But the benefits or propane to the NPS aren’t limited to fuel cost savings, or even to trucks. Fleet managers are reporting that they have doubled the driving range of their vehicles, while park maintenance crews are increasingly turning to propane to power their mowers and other land management equipment.

Since 2010, Clean Cities and NPS have partnered on more than 30 projects to deploy propane autogas and alternative fuel-powered high-efficiency vehicles to the road, helping to reduce emissions and improve vehicle efficiency.

Watch this video to learn more about how propane autogas is helping to fuel our national parks.

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