Propane Makes Your Landscaping Business More Profitable


Everyone knows the old saying, “Time is money” Well, that definitely applies to the benefits of using propane autogas to fuel your landscaping and turf management business.

Propane autogas puts a big dent in lost labor time and helps you with more efficient management.

Get the job done

Think about it. With your equipment and vehicles, your employees continuously have to stop for refueling. Each time they stop, they’re not doing the work that brings income into your business.

Here’s how it is with gasoline-powered equipment and vehicles. Let’s say an employee takes 20 minutes to leave the job, go to the filling station, and return. If you have multiple job sites, you could be losing hours a day in labor costs just for refueling.

Now, let’s talk propane autogas. There’s no leaving the job site. Your New York propane autogas provider can offer the on-site fueling you need to power your mowers. In moments, your employees can have a full tank, and be on the job.

Propane autogas means there’s no risk of hazardous fuel spilling onto the ground when filling equipment on-site, stopping work even longer for cleanup and report-writing.

If you fuel your fleet of vehicles with propane autogas, your drivers can fill up with a central filling location at your company’s site before heading out to a job, you can arrange for mobile refueling with your propane autogas provider, or you can fill up at a public or private propane autogas filling station. Your propane autogas supplier can work with you to discover which option is the most effective one for your landscaping business.

You also save time spent on maintenance with propane autogas. When your equipment is off the job for regular servicing, that’s time and income lost. Vehicles and equipment powered by propane autogas need less maintenance less often and can have a longer engine life.

Propane autogas makes it easy

When you’re the boss, your time is money as well.

Instead of having to go through a small mountain of gas station receipts from several employees, you get a single statement from your propane autogas provider. It will help you track your fuel usage in less time.

Powering up with propane autogas saves in other ways

You don’t have to spend time comparison shopping when changing your mowers or fleet to propane autogas. That’s because you may be able to convert the mowers and vehicles you already have to propane autogas. There are propane autogas conversion installers in many parts of New York.

And you may be eligible for money for doing a propane conversion! You can earn rebates up to $4,000 for your vehicles’ propane conversion. Plus, the Propane Education and Research Council is offering incentives up to $1,000 for buying a new propane autogas mower or converting your existing mowers to propane autogas.

Contact your local New York Propane Autogas provider for more information on how propane autogas can help your landscape company.