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New York Propane Gas Association Vehicle Rebate Program Guidelines – Who and What Is Eligible?

$3,500 rebates are available to NYS residents who purchase a new propane vehicle or convert an existing vehicle with a propane system, as well as municipal and contract school bus fleets operating in New York State. Individual applicants must be a New York State resident and the vehicle must be registered in New York State. The 2019 rebate is available to one vehicle per fleet. In 2019, awards to individuals or companies that have been awarded an incentive in prior years are eligible for 2019 funds.

WHAT VEHICLES ARE ELIGIBLE? Any vehicle or retrofit system that is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and or is CARB certified and is registered and operated and complies with all applicable regulatory standards in the state of New York is eligible for a $3,500 incentive payment. The funds may be used for the incremental cost of a propane vehicle versus gasoline or diesel vehicle only.

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Landscape contractors interested in propane-powered equipment can take advantage of incentives to make the switch even easier.

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