You May Qualify for a $3,500 Rebate When You Make the Move to Autogas in NY


Great news! New York State residents can still qualify this year for $3,500 in rebates. Available for those who purchase a new propane vehicle or convert an existing vehicle with a propane system, these funds can be used for truck fleets, municipal fleets, school bus fleets and other vehicles that are registered in the state.

Any vehicle or retrofit system that is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and/or is CARB certified and is registered and operated and complies with all applicable regulatory standards in the state of New York is eligible for a $3,500 incentive payment. The funds may be used for the incremental cost of a propane vehicle versus gasoline or diesel vehicle only.

Why make the move to propane autogas?

More New Yorkers are discovering the propane autogas advantage:–from airport shuttles to school buses and hundreds of other applications. Every day, New York businesses are turning to propane autogas as a clean, green, economical alternative to gas and diesel for their light- and medium-duty fleets. Consider these 7 benefits.

  1. Cost-savings. Propane historically costs less than gasoline and diesel. Even when you factor in the initial cost to convert your vehicles or add new ones, your long-term savings on both fuel and maintenance will put you ahead of the game. And don’t forget the bi upfront savings you get with your $3,500 rebate.
  2. Longer engine life. Because autogas burns so cleanly, your vehicles will require less frequent maintenance and engine life will be extended.
  3. Better for the environment. Autogas-powered vehicles produce lower emissions than gasoline vehicles, including 20% less carbon monoxide, 40% fewer nitrogen oxides and 10% less carbon dioxide.
  4. A safe alternative. Propane tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant than gasoline tanks; propane engine fuel systems also have many passive safety devices that automatically stop the flow of significant leaks.
  5. Better vehicle performance. When compared with gasoline, propane autogas delivers equivalent power in even the heaviest applications while providing superior performance. Autogas gives you the longest driving range of any alternative fuel available today.
  6. Made in the USA. The vast majority of propane consumed in the United States is produced here and distributed through an established infrastructure. Fueling vehicles with propane autogas instead of gasoline or diesel increases U.S. energy security and provides more job opportunities in this country.
  7. Easy conversions. Your local propane company may be able to help you convert to autogas for your commercial fleet, assist you in setting up a propane fueling station at your facility, or provide on-site fueling on a scheduled basis. Find an autogas conversion installer in NY here.

Read more about the New York Propane Gas Association vehicle rebate program guidelines here.